Estimated Block Level Annual Energy Consumption

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Block ID:
Land Area: m2
Electricity Use: (103) kWh
Block Fuel Use: Therms
Total Energy Use Per m2: kWh
(1 m2 = 10.76 ft2 and 1 Therm = 29.30 kWh)

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Estimated Annual Energy
(kWh per m2)

Estimated Total Annual Building Energy Consumption at the Block and Lot Level for NYC

The map represents an estimate of the total annual building energy consumption at the block level and at the tax lot level for New York City, and is expressed in kilowatt hours (kWh) per square meter of land area. A mathematical model based on statistics, not individual building data, was used to estimate the annual energy consumption values for buildings throughout the five boroughs. To see the percentage break down of the estimated end-uses, hover over or click on a block or tax lot. The tax lot level data shows how much energy an average building of that size and type would use.
Map created by Shaky Sherpa of Sustainable Engineering Lab (formerly Modi Research Group)
Data Source: Spatial distribution of urban building energy consumption by end use
B. Howard, L. Parshall, J. Thompson, S. Hammer, J. Dickinson, V. Modi