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Quench Team Visits Uganda

Our Quench team visited Uganda to gain new perspective on the project. The team traveled around southern Uganda touring different water facilities and existing tap stands in Mbarara, Karamoja, and Ruhiira. This trip spawned new ideas and a fresh outlook on the project. Once back in the states new test...
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Celebrating More Than a Year of Shared Irrigation

The one year anniversary has come and gone for our shared irrigation system dubbed Acacia Irrigation. Three systems each serving seven small farms are up and running in Senegal. All three systems have seen high usage almost since the time of installation, and now they are all running with full...
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The Remote Debugginator (2015)

The Remote Debugginator
The Remote Debugginator is a device created for the Acacia Irrigation Project to enable remote access to a LAN network over 3g. We have three irrigation sites serving about 20 farmers’ fields. Each of these sites has a Raspberry Pi collecting data on sunlight, temperature, power consumption, and pump usage....
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Symposium on Sustainable and Affordable Energy Challenge for the World

The last few years have brought global energy issues to the fore. At the recently concluded COP21 in 2015, it became clear that both developing and developed countries will need to accelerate deployments of renewable energy. This puts many developing countries in a technologically and financially challenging position where they...
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ICT and SDGs

The Sustainable Engineering Lab (SEL) collaborated with The Earth Institute and Ericsson in preparing a report highlighting the revolutionary role of ICT as an enabler and accelerator to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For example, ICT is enabling new business models in energy access, agriculture and access to rich...
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First four farmers are irrigating their fields with our centralized solar array.

Water Pump
Installation: The first two submersible pumps (Grundfos SP8a-5) were installed in January by our local SEL team in Gabar serving the first two beneficiary farmers.     In late February, the SEL team traveled to the site to check on the system and install two additional pumps. Conditions during the...
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Nigerian Utility KEDCO Maps 10 Million Meters

Animated map
  Nigeria faces tremendous challenges with respect to electricity access. A high population and low access rate mean that the country is second only to India in the total number of its citizens without a grid connection. Moreover, since efforts to expand the grid have not kept pace with population...
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SEL launches global facility registry @

REVISIT.GLOBAL, the facility registry, is now online! The sustainable engineering lab has launched “revisit”, a global facility registry, designed to collect and manage facility data. Revisit aims to streamline the data collection process and build a central facility repository that enables countries and organizations to share basic facility data. Check...
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Solar powered Agricultural water pumping system is up and running in Senegal!

Water Flowing
The Sustainable Engineering Lab has installed the first of three batteryless solar-powered irrigation pilot systems in Senegal. Each system provides clean energy to power water pumps for 7 horticulture farmers in rural Senegal as part of USAID’s Powering Agriculture grant. Transport of the AC pump controller to the site: The...
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SEL team visits with irrigation pump controller manufacturer in India

While the first pump controller was on its way to Senegal, the site of our smart solar irrigation project, the SEL team traveled to Coimbatore, India to meet with the manufacturer, Sakthi Electrical Control. We were eager to test the 2nd generation pump controller as well as discuss our future...
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