Spearheaded by Owen Kibenge, a Ugandan journalist studying journalism at Columbia University and affiliated with the Modi Lab, Millennium Voice 102.2 FM, is a new radio station being set up in Ruhiira, Uganda one of the Millennium Villages Sites.

Why community radio?

  • Cheap
  • Mobile
  • Only source of information in rural Uganda
  • Transcends barriers like high levels of illiteracy
  • Credibility “the radio said” superiority of oral tradition
  • Radio foot print vast, only true mass medium

Progress so far:

  • Training manual complete and tested in the field
  • Eleven community journalists trained in interviewing skills, using ENG ,on air presentation ,reporting and developing sources ,ethics.
  • Jingles, public service announcements produced
  • Music purchased
  • 4 test runs done all successful.
  • Ready to embark on 5 hour daily broadcast
  • News style (proverbs) and editorial policy in place
  • Radio programs identified and 13 week episodes in the works.

List of focus areas of radio programs:

  • Cook stoves and nutrition
  • Agriculture
  • Maternal health and Contraception
  • Enterprise and small business
  • Women and business
  • Emergency public service messages
  • Why should girls go to school?
  • Advertising village, parish, school and sports events.


Income streams will include:

  • personal ads for marriages, births, deaths, lost and found items,
  • Adverts for local and national businesses targeting rural communities with consumer goods
  • Live coverage of special events (introduction and wedding ceremonies, baptism , jubilee)

Anticipated expenditure streams:

  • Transport refund for volunteers
  • Maintenance of equipment
  • Salary for technician and producer
  • Fuel for standby power generator