e-guide Selected Figures

The e-GUIDE Initiative is a partnership of groups at five universities: the University of Massachusetts - Amherst, Carnegie Mellon University, Columbia University, Rochester Institute of Technology, and University of Washington. Read updates from some of the students in our lab conducting research with e-GUIDE in the following summary documents:

  • Utility Data Support: Updates on the role of grid reliability in appliance ownership in Rwanda, electricity outages in Uganda, and estimates of household electricity usage as a proxy for overall household expenditure. By Joel Mugyenyi.

  • Nigeria Irrigation Detection: Updates on identifying small-holder irrigation demand in Nigeria. By Hasan Siddiqui.

  • Demand Stimulation: Updates on Productive Use of Energy Demand’s Role in Integrated Energy Planning, Electric Cooking Demand, and a two level network design model and its application in electrification. By Yuezi Wu.

  • eCooking: Here’s some Updates on Assessing Household Cooking Energy and Potential for Transition to E-Cooking in Informal Urban Settlements. By Vongaishe Mutatu.

  • Detecting Unelectrified Communities: Updates on Reliable Detection of Unelectrified Communities using Night Light Satellite Imagery. By Andy Dongyoon Kim.