On March 6, a third workshop was held in relation to the preparatory studies leading to a national electrification plan for universal coverage throughout Ecuador.

This is the third workshop supported by Columbia University's Sustainable Engineering Laboratory (SEL) within this activity. The two previous workshops were carried out to, first, introduce the geospatial planning methodology to Ecuadoran partners, and then to identify and collect existing geospatial, cost and technical information in preparation for a demonstration modeling exercise targeting one province.

In this third workshop, the demonstration modeling results were presented for the province of Pastaza to show the scope of the tool, and identify key issues and data gaps anticipating national modeling in later stages. The workshop was attended by the IADB Representative in Ecuador, Mr. Morgan Doyle; Roberto Aiello, ENE Principal Specialist based in IADB's Washington, D.C. office; representatives of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy (MEER); Ecuador's GIS agency (SIGTIERRAS); and several electricity utilities and other governmental and non-governmental organizations.

workshop Morgan Doyle, the IDB Representative for Ecuador and Roberto Aiello, Energy Principal Specialist, based in Washington, D.C.

presentation Edwin Adkins (Geospatial Energy Planning Specialist at SEL)

CU Team: Vijay Modi (Director, QSEL) and Edwin Adkins (Geospatial Energy Planning Specialist)

IDB Team: Carlos Echeverría (Energy Specialist in Ecuador), Roberto Aiello (ENE Principal Specialist), Julio López, Juan Carlos Cardenas and Wilkferg Vanegas (ENE Washington Consultants)