The first group of MATLAB assignments, which focuses on the implementation of wind power in the United States, is now available. These specific exercises ask students to compute power given time-series data for wind speeds, optimize the placement and distribution of wind turbines, and observe how excess wind energy can be used for other types of demand (i.e. heat) or stored. To download MATLAB, visit the MathWorks website. Below are some previews of prompts and download links and descriptions for individual exercises.


Assignment #  Description Prompt  Data
1 Introduction to MATLAB Programming +
analysis of wind data at one location in Iowa.
Prompt Zip File
2 Multi-location wind system simulations +
interactions between wind supply and electricity demand.
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3 Real-time interaction with storage (batteries) and demand +
optimization of turbine placement using convex optimization functions.
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4 Interaction between wind systems and gas turbine backup +
calculation of ELCC LOLE and LOLP etc.
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5 Combination of Electricity/Heating Systems in New York
to minimize cost of wind and gas turbine systems.
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