REVISIT.GLOBAL, the facility registry, is now online! The sustainable engineering lab has launched “revisit”, a global facility registry, designed to collect and manage facility data. Revisit aims to streamline the data collection process and build a central facility repository that enables countries and organizations to share basic facility data.

Check it out here ->   revisit.global

At the Sustainable Engineering Lab, we’re working on the next generation of mobile data collection and analysis tools. The Revisit service will soon be included in our mobile survey app, and we encourage it’s adoption by other IT4D organizations. If you are interested in writing a client application or contributing to the service, please contact us.

map sample

Why are we building revisit?

Data collection is essential to the development planning process. Although smartphones have made the collection of physical points quick and easy, in large scale mapping efforts, it is very difficult to ensure complete coverage in a single collection and, during multiple collection efforts, to avoid duplication of points.

How will it work?

Using client applications (coming soon), users can select the site at which they are conducting a survey, contribute general information (name, sector, location) and make updates to improve the central repository over time, helping to coordinate aid and maintain a more complete and up-to-date picture of social infrastructure.

About the Revisit API

The backbone of Revisit is the RESTful API, providing access to our global facility registry. Based on the FRED specification for facility registries, with extensions for geo-spatial querying, the API is intended to be used by client applications that collect and manage facility-related data.

More info available at ->  revisit.global