Edwin Adkins has 15 years of experience in energy and rural electrification planning in developing countries. Mr. Adkins now works as a coordinator for energy projects for the Quadracci Sustainable Engineering Lab (QSEL), directed by Vijay Modi, at the Earth Institute at Columbia University. For around ten years, through the QSEL and as an independent consultant, his work focused on least-cost, large-scale electricity access planning, which involved work with developing country governments, energy ministries, utilities and research centers to plan national electricity system expansion. This work consists of data-gathering, geospatial planning and optimization of electricity systems of different types (employing a mix of renewable and traditional technologies), and developing least-cost plans for expansion of electricity access to underserved areas in countries including Ethiopia, Malawi, Nepal, Nigeria, Myanmar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, and Ghana. Prior to this work, Edwin was reserach coordinator for the energy progam within the Millennium Villages Project, focused on village-scale interventions to improve access of rural households to modern energy technologies in 9 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, Mr. Adkins has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on energy in developing countries and rural electrification. Mr. Adkins has a M.S. in Environmental engineering from Columbia University in New York.