Ning Ding graduated from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Nanjing, China, majoring in Atmospheric Science and hydrometeorology and is now pursuing her master’s degree of Climate and Society at Columbia University. Her research interests include (i) statistical analysis and prediction of global climate change, (ii) analysis of energy structure model and (iii) water air interface exchange of greenhouse gases. She is advanced at data processing, analysis and visualization with programming languages, including Python, MATLAB, R and ArcGIS.

She has worked for Meteorological Bureau of Jiangsu Province as a forecaster to analyze short-range weather and environment conditions and made comparison of the accuracy of multiple numerical forecast products and climate models. She also worked for National Center for Atmospheric Research to analyze statistical conditions of climate change in China under CMIP6. In addition, she also has several research experiences about climate change, energy models, and greenhouse gas emissions from a statistical and physical view.