This report summarizes the findings of a survey conducted on the use of energy in different sector in the Millennium Villages Project (MVP) cluster of Potou (Senegal). The survey included energy use in schools, health care centers, public buildings, agriculture, fisheries as well as shops and businesses.

The survey concluded that there has been a noticeable progress made in the delivery of energy needs of important structures in the Potou cluster since the MVP project began, for example: (as of Jan 2009) 6 schools, 12 heath care centers and 4 public have been electrified. Also 35 farms were using new energy sources, 10 isothermal boxes for preserving fish and 3 new mills have been installed.

The grid connections exist and are expanding in Leona and Potou since 2007 and have seen 343 household connections since then. The grid has arrived in Thiowor as of January 2009 and as of today 98 household connections have been made out of 197 requests. Almost 95% of the shops in the semi-urban areas have been grid electrified.

Field research: Jose Barnuevo; summary and presentation: Rahul Kitchlu

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Energy Systems Update – Senegal – Short Report

Energy Systems Update – Senegal – Full Report